Aug. 4th, 2017 09:35 pm
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I have had a surprising amount of fun this evening in making PCs with the second edition Mongoose Traveller rulebook. And luck that absolutely defies my dice-rolling in any random character generation process where I'm actually going to play for reals.

My first pass yielded a belter whose childhood dream was to serve on the massive naval vessels that occasionally passed through his home system on commerce protection cruises. He applied to the naval academy as soon as he was of age, but failed to earn a slot. Undaunted, he enlisted - and was tapped for officer candidate school anyway. Decorated for valor early in his career, he enjoyed a meteoric rise to captain's rank. Unfortunately, he was wounded in action, suffering severe nerve damage. While the Navy paid for rehab, the setback to his career was too much. The enemies he'd made in the service saw their opportunity. He was passed over for flag rank and ultimately drummed out - though he did manage to serve long enough to receive a full pension.

Having made a few connections in the diplomatic corps during his time dirtside as a naval attaché, he landed a position with that august organization, spending another twelve years "continuing warfare through other means" before growing weary of bureaucratic entanglements and deciding to strike out on his own.

The second character was a vargr who grew up on a dirt-poor colony world. He wanted to get off his home rock by any means necessary. After a failed attempt to break into the naval service as a pilot, he entered the draft and was selected for shipboard service as a marine - ironically and painfully close to the objects of his desire. Amazingly, he also was recognized as a potential leader despite his low birth and received a commission. In the subsequent twelve years, he was seriously injured in action three times while clawing his way to the rank of captain. The third near-death experience made him rethink his life choices, realizing that a little peace and quiet wasn't so bad.

He returned to his homeworld, using his separation bonus to buy a small ranch. Unfortunately, while he'd been away, the subsector had come under threat from its neighbors. Unwilling to abandon the planet or bend the knee when the invaders arrived, he instead joined the insurgency formed around the survivors of the planetary militia. Despite his age, his prior experience earned him a second commission, this time as the leader of a cavalry troop. After the war, he stayed on long enough to finish converting the insurgent forces to a professional military before resigning his commission and trying once again to do something that didn't involve getting shot.

The way the timelines line up, they were in their first careers simultaneously and got out simultaneously. It's a good bet that they served together, possibly even fighting in different parts of the major action that forced both of them out of service. After that, their next meeting would have been the catalyst for beginning their career as PCs: the diplomat was part of a diplomatic mission to the vargr's homeworld after a stable government was re-established. This gives me a solid duo of leaders with a good narrative structure around which to wrap the rest of a team. The old man and the old wolf decide they're gonna have some adventures on their own terms, perhaps, or maybe they're going to go take care of old scores across known space. Either way, they're gonna need a crew...


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