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I owe y'all two weeks worth of session notes, which I likely will not get to for a few days yet. However, I will note one lesson learned in tonight's session. Never discount that 5.6% chance of a head result on the hit location table. Especially if you're the commander of a T-72 riding with your head and shoulders outside your hatch.

From the frickin' ASW helo pilot, no less. With a Tantal over iron sights at 300 meters.
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I'm starting up a local game of Twilight: 2013 this week, using the final draft rules. Due to the lack of rulebooks, I've done pre-gens for my players. The storyline is going to start off more-or-less in the vein of classic Twilight: 2000, with a ragged band of survivors trapped in Eastern Europe (Estonia, to be precise) in May 2013, during the final stages of the general collapse of civilization. I'm going to try to make at least semi-regular posts on the game's progress, though my last attempts with Vampire: The Requiem and Trinity have been somewhat abortive.

For now, let's meet our heroes. )
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It snowed last night - snow in Kentucky in April. Go figure. The roads are clear now, but there's about a 3/8-inch accumulation of big fluffy wet flakes on everything else. Unnatural.

The sun has just finished creeping over the horizon. If I lean back in my chair just a little, it throws a red tint into the water droplets on my window. Roll back about a foot and I can see it out the corner of my office window. It's glaring at me with the impersonally virulent red of the warning lamp that says, "hey, this piece of equipment critical to your survival has just catastrophically failed."

It's a post-apocalyptic kind of day.

My muse is upon me and I must write. See y'all in a few thousand words.
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We have frost on the ground and fog hanging in the air as I write this. The effect is as if the whole world's been turned slightly gray from entropy. From my window, visibility is down to perhaps a couple hundred feet. No birds are moving, and a car passes on the street only every few minutes. Between those momentary glimpses of other people, it's easy to imagine that my neighborhood is largely empty. The only evidence of human passage is a ragged contrail to the east, which, through the fog, appears as a jagged laceration in the sky.

All in all, it's an auspicious morning for working on 2013.


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